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Appointment Setting & Contact Manager (CRM)

Provides your Certified Repair business with a customer relationship management system (CRM) and contact manager with the ability to accept appointments from Smart Apps and online locators. It includes direct marketing tools, instant messaging and customer contact history with automated follow-ups and reminders. You now have a state-of-theart tool to own those valued customers and keep them coming back.

Customer Appointment Setting

  1. The consumer selects the Certified Repair Provider of their choice and clicks on “Make Appointment” to start process.
  2. The consumer fills out the appointment request form, sharing personal information as well as vehicle damage information.
  3. An appointment “alert” is sent directly to your ShopOps Dashboard, as well as to your selected “Appointment Email” addresses.
  4. You can confirm your appointment directly from your ShopOps Dashboard, or by clicking the link provided in the email.
  5. Upcoming appointments will appear in your ShopOps Dashboard, in the Appointment Calendar section.

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