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Business Certification

ShopOps provides you with a portal to manage all of your OEM and other Certifications ...all in one place well organized for easy management. Select the program you want to participate, add others, and answer all requirements as requested.

Certification Assessment

These are the collective business requirements to become Assured Performance Certified and Recognized by participating OE Manufacturers. Answer each question with a “Yes” or “No” answer. There are required questions in multiple categories. Upload proof and see how you do.

Certification Score & Evaluation

Your score is based on your Certification Assessment results. If your score is less than 100%, any of your deficiencies (questions that were answered as NO) will be listed in the Business Development Plan. This enables you to improve your business operations in a systematic and planned approach to becoming Certified.

You can also generate a “to-do” list and plan to help you organize the required documentation or compliance. You can update any proof of compliance at any time.

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