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Business Improvement & Financial Forecasting

ShopOps provides your Certified Repair business with exclusive business development tools designed to achieve and maintain market dominance as a best-in-class Certified Repair Provider

The system evaluates your business performance, compares your operations to best practices, and creates a business improvement plan with: to-do items, budgets, and timelines. You can create financial projections based on your real, confidential, P&L numbers and “what-if” scenarios to improve your profitability.

Business Improvement Report & Scorecard

Business Improvement Plans are based upon business evaluations compared to best practices, KPIs, rating/ranking and your priorities. This program enables you to develop and follow an action plan based on your goals and objectives, complete with: timelines, budgets, and to-do lists to ensure you achieve your goals. You receive monthly and quarterly scorecards from various OEMs, and other entities, illustrating your company’s performance according to metrics and measurements.

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