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The "Certified Repair Option" - An Integral Feature of ShopOps

RepairDOC System

RepairDOC is NOT a product or an option. It’s an essential process. Assured Performance has developed a comprehensive and easy-to-use system to allow your staff to document all repairs helping mitigate your liability exposure and provide consumers with the ultimate in quality and consumer confidence …and it includes an electronic mobile Smart App Quality Assurance checklist.

  1. The system automatically lists your estimates in a format ready to be documented separating repair lines and parts.
  2. As you assign Technician to the repair, the items automatically find their list of "jobs" waiting inside the Smart App. All the Technician has to do is point, and tap, tap, tap to answer questions, take pictures and provide proof of compliance. It’s as easy to use as taking a selfie!
  3. The system allows you to document what parts were used and from what source. It’s a simple and easy manual documentation, but the process can also be integrated electronically with existing parts procurement software you might use.
  4. Once technicians finish documenting repairs using their smart devices, all the pictures and file enclosures are ready for management or QC review and approval. This ensures that checks and balances are in place and full accountability. Managers have flags to identify which are out of compliance, percentage of documentation, etc.
  5. This powerful feature provides you with the consumer-facing elements that add to the ultimate value to your business and your consumer’s satisfaction and confidence. Each repair is fully documented with proof of how the vehicle was repaired, with what, and by whom. You are able to provide multiple certificates to the consumer and insurers. Benefits Include:
  • "Certificate of Compliance"
  • "Certificate of Authenticity"
  • "Certified Repair" Certificate - the ultimate quality output is achieved with proper documention (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Measurement)
  • Provided by the shop to the consumer, providing customers with peace of mind
  • Displays a commitment to quality
  • Data driven solution
  • Great follow up tool for CSI and customer retention

A complete RepairDOC Process with all of the electronic tools a shops needs to make the process easy as well as comprehensive and complete. Based on an extract from shop files, the documentation is vehicle repair specific; line-by-line, and part-by-part – not generic.

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