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Marketing Tools

E-marketing features are exclusive to you as an Assured Performance Certified Collision Care Provider. These unique features give you the ability to leverage a wide range of consumer-facing sales, marketing and promotional tools including: Lobby Signs & Logos, Online Shop Locators and Smart Apps, custom Press Releases, Websites, On-Demand Marketing & Lobby Videos.

Landing Pages

Consumers and insurers search for Certified Collision Repair Providers in their designated market area, they will be directed to your page that illustrates your Certified Repair Business. You have several landing page styles to pick from. You may also upload your own logo and shop photos

Personalized Signage

Once your business is officially Certified, you will receive official OEM Certification signage according to which OEM Certification program for which you are qualified and have selected to participate.

Press Releases

Assured Performance will send out an official Press Release to your local press contacts announcing your Certification status. This is a critical and powerful benefit to help you leverage your OEM Certification. To make the public relations process efficient, you are able to complete the forms and fill in all customize fields.


The Digital Marketing solution for Assured Performance OEM Certified Care Providers. It’s the ultimate sales, marketing, and consumer education system that was developed to help you convey critical messaging to your customers, enhance your official Certification, and ultimately close more sales while increasing customer satisfaction. Your eLOBBY interface lets you pick and choose the programming you show in your lobby waiting area.

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