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ShopOps Business Operating System Overview

Marketing Manager

Powerful Marketing tools are provided for Certified shops and available here including signs, logos, web site templates and management, press releases, consumer awareness eLOBBY, on-demand direct marketing, brochures, etc.


Appointment Setting & Contact Manager (CRM)

Now, you have the ability to receive and process appointments made by consumers through the numerous shop locators, smart apps and the future connected cars. This Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) also facilitates direct communications, and customer retention initiatives throughout the repair. This feature also facilitates FNOL notification from consumers, the vehicle, insurers or any other sources, directly to the shop to set appointments and process.


Business Certification

This module ensures your shop meets and maintains all requirements for certification and other referral program requirements, regardless of what kind - Certified Network, a Value-added Group, or a DRP Network. This feature allows you to see what the requirements are, answer the questions, upload documentation and proof of compliance, see your deficiencies, create a “To Do” list and Improvement Plan, and track your progression.


RepairDOC System

This feature provides the shop with a turn-key “repair documentation system” and cloud-based record storage enabling efficient electronic proof of:

  • how the vehicle was repaired and if OEM Repair Procedure were used, as well as and the results of scans performed
  • with what (parts type and source)
  • by whom (if they had the appropriate skills and/or knowledge)


“Certified Repair”

This feature enables you to provide:

  • “Certificates of Authenticity” for parts
  • “Certificates of Compliance” when you follow OEM repair procedures
  • the ULTIMATE with a ”Certified Repair” when you are in full compliance and have properly documented it all!


Data Manager

Now with dataIQ, you have your own data dashboard to self-manage your business’s performance with KPI’s, comparative benchmarking and automated scorecard reporting. You have the ability to drill-down on your own data and see the details of what is driving your profits ...or not!


Business Improvement

This feature provides a system and tools to assist the shop to leverage best practices and develop a Business improvement plan, as well as budgets and financial projections.


Training Manager

This is a critical component for a Learning Organization by providing you with a training content management and training resource system for centralized listing & management of available training and schedules. Track, assign, monitor and measure your company’s capabilities.


Document Manager

This feature allows the shop to maintain access to all critical procedures, checklists, forms, job descriptions and more as required and supplied by value-added programs, insurers, OEMs and vendors in a central repository that is fed automatically by the various entities through APEX. You can ensure the correct version of your own documents is being used and updated and retained for all of your staff to access as you deem appropriate.


Skills & Manager

A skills management system to track technician‘s skills and knowledge individually and collectively - ensuring you have the expertise and repair capabilities needed to repair next generation vehicles and comply to Network requirements. Skills inventory is based upon capabilities, I-CAR technical training, OEM training credentials, etc.