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Skills & HR Management

This exclusive and revolutionary product is designed to gain full optics and management over the technical repair skills you havein your business based upon the skills each of your technicians possesses. The system is designed to accomodate all training records, credentials and documented course for each employee from all sources such as OEM training, paint companies, I-CAR, AMI, equipment suppliers, etc. The results from your on-site “Skills Capabilities Audit” (optional) are also maintained here to ensure you have the technical skills you need - If not, then you can get the training your need and/or recruit to fill in for the skills you are missing.

On-site Technical Skills Audit

As an option, you can have a 3rd-party “technical skills audit” performed at your shop. This service enables you to complete your skills inventory and get an accurate assessment on what technical capabilities you have.

Deficiency Reports

Deficiency reports enable you to see what skills and expertise you need to add to fill the skills your shop is missing and maximize your HR effectiveness. These are the foundation for transforming your business into a best in class and a business of excellence and the standard by which all others are measured.

Individual Job Descriptions

HR & Skills Inventory in ShopOps allows you to assign an individual job description to your technicians that already contain appropriate skills and knowledge (follows I-CAR K&S protocol). This connects the specific technician with the specific skills and ensures those skills are part of your overall skills inventory. As the technician move so too will the associated skills. This ensure you have cross-training and can fill deficits and vacancies with a replacement set of skills and capabilities as they occur with turnover.

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